7 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a powerful transformational process that results in heightened awareness, spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, and inner peace. It requires letting go of old beliefs and egoic ties to understand better who we truly are. 

In this article, we will examine the seven stages of spiritual awakening that people may encounter on their true path to self-realization. Each step can be challenging and rewarding, from starting to awakening to ultimate transcendence. 

You’re in the right place if you’re curious and interested in your spiritual growth and development or seeking guidance for traversing these stages. Read on to learn more!

Spiritual Awakening: What It Is?

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Spiritual awakening is a journey of personal growth and self-realization. It entails investigating various facets of spirituality, such as mindfulness exercises, meditation, and chakra harmony, to cultivate inner peace and maintain your strong connection to your higher self. 

Despite common belief, neither asceticism nor mysticism are required to reach this extraordinary stage. You can unpredictably awaken while performing routine tasks. Tragic events, such as an abrupt loss, betrayal, or grief, can lead to an awakening. 

Although there are no established criteria for who awakens, certain types of individuals are inclined to awaken more frequently than others. Those who are empaths or highly attuned to the emotions of others are more likely to experience a spiritual awakening.


When traversing this path, individuals may experience intensified feelings of restlessness, unease, ego death, and emotional distress; however, they will eventually reach a state of enlightenment in which they overcome personal limitations and fully embrace unity awareness, or oneness with every living thing.

Spiritual awakening is an essential component of personal development and growth. People can achieve inner peace and self-realization while gaining insight into themselves and their purpose through unique spiritual practices such as meditation and chakra balancing. 

As one progresses through the various phases of profound spiritual awakening, old ideologies, and conditioned mindsets can be dismantled, the meaning of life changes for you, clearing the way for significant inner evolution beyond material existence and enabling a fresh self-awareness. 

Spiritual awakening ultimately provides aspirants with a blueprint for navigating personal transformation, providing limitless opportunities for lifelong growth.

7 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening: A Challenging yet Rewarding and Life-Changing Process

You have an opportunity to accept your spirituality as a spiritual being entirely. However, like everything else in life, choosing a spiritual path is a decision. Numerous options in life lead to new phases of development. 

At first, everyone follows the same path, but at certain junctures, you can remain engrossed in the status quo or explore the wonders of your spiritual journey.

These options can arise anytime; the key is to stay vigilant and follow your heart’s guidance. Below you will discover the 7 spiritual awakening stages you might encounter on your journey. 

These stages may be completed in practically any sequence. This is because we all awaken in our own unique manner and at our own pace.

For example, some individuals need numerous catalysts to completely possess their spiritual power, causing them to cycle back to the initial level. Others may skip many levels and wind up enjoying the life their soul planned without having to face the same difficulties.

There are no additional options or last steps upon reaching the seventh stage. Reaching this stage means you live in perfect harmony with the nature of reality. Everything gets delivered precisely as required and at the precise time. You are the Universe.

Stage 1 – A Cause for Your Awakening

The very first on the list of the 7 stages of spiritual growth is the cause that initiates the endeavor, also known as “the awakening.” Within this phase, the majority of individuals experience a strong desire to rid their lives of unnecessary behaviors, methods of thinking, and habits.

Accidents, illnesses, and losing loved ones are likely awakening causes. However, some individuals experience spiritual encounters that cause them to question everything.

This may seem absurd, but spirit encounters are nothing more than manifestations of the subconscious. However, for some, these experiences are so visceral and startling that they lead to a spiritual awakening.

Extreme change is occurring, so your vitality may be off. Throughout this phase, it is not commonplace to feel gloomy or uncomfortable.:

Stage 2 – A Change in Perspective: The Dark Knight Of The Soul

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This is the most probable phase to succeed in a cause phase. It’s when you start looking at things differently and doubt yourself. At this point, you have not yet wholly abandoned your current personality.

However, you are on your way there. This is a stage that many individuals go through. Reaching this point is no guarantee that you will complete the voyage.

For some, this change signifies hitting absolute bottom. This stage is known in some cultures as “the dark night of the soul.” You are experiencing an existential crisis due to the catalyst’s instigation of changes that render you unstable.

You’ll probably feel overburdened and despondent. But if you keep going, you will advance in going through a spiritual awakening process.

Stage 3 – Finding a New Understanding of Spirituality: The Sponge

The next step is to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery. Some refer to it as the sponge stage since you are receptive to new concepts. You will have no interest in maintaining your beliefs because you have experienced trauma and likely the most down points. 

Instead, you will discover that you are receptive to all viewpoints. Everything goes as long as knowledge is gained. You will no longer experience dread and melancholy when you begin exploring the universe.

You are experiencing change, so you will continue to be frightened. But you’ll also be delighted to broaden your awareness and pursue your spiritual awakening journey. 

Stage 4 – Evolution of Self

At this juncture, you’ll have tens of thousands of fundamental things you begin to question, they’re racing through your head and you begin to realize that you need answers to each one. You try to understand why you are here and what you can accomplish to make your life more meaningful.

But you will also begin comprehending your situation and viewing the world differently. You will also begin to connect with your true self and your true nature will start to emerge. Spiritual acceptance requires sacrificing your previous life. While having a spiritual enlightenment, you can’t be your former self. 

You may feel like you are discarding a former version of yourself and transforming into a new individual with more clarity, objectivity, and knowledge.

No longer does the world revolve around material possessions. It’s more concerning the spiritual and emotional aspect as you realize the importance of authenticity. You consider how you can assist others and serve others around you. You get used to both giving and receiving.

Yet, giving can also foster a feeling of authority. At this juncture, giving is often still motivated by ego. Because it makes you more comfortable about yourself or because you want to get something in return.

This stage is also referred to as the ‘Satoru self‘ stage by others. This word originated from a Japanese Buddhist term.

Stage 5 – The Soul Workshop

Some individuals reach the soul work stage of spiritual awakening, but its completion can take decades. It is not unusual that people may experience attaining this final stage of awakening. It will require a great deal of effort to execute to reach the end of the tunnel.

During this phase, you can use anything you’ve learned from previous stages, you begin constructing a new structure and set of values to make your life good.

You need a routine nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. You can study with professors and gurus. Read books and engage in practices. You have views of the objective, which motivate you to continue on the path.

However, it will likely be years before you are satisfied with how you handle yourself. To be at ease with your soul, you must acquire knowledge of yourself so that your inner self can flourish. This is when you grow and recuperate from any trauma you might be clinging to.

Stage 6 – Giving In to Your Newfound Spirituality

On your path of spiritual growth, you may struggle with abandoning the things that don’t serve you anymore. Since we live in a material world, disconnecting from it and connecting with our spiritual side may be impossible, so most individuals never reach this level. 

However, the things that keep you linked to the material world are more than simply tangible belongings. People, old habits, ways of thinking, or anxieties might also be examples.

This stage is commonly defined as removing the final things that bind you to the present. To finish it, you must discover a spiritual purpose transcending the ego.

Even if you must eliminate self-centered ambitions, you must travel this route alone. However, this does not imply that you will be lonely or depressed. On the contrary, it is here that you will discover enjoyment and trust in your mission.

Stage 7 – Consciousness of Your Complete Spiritual Awakening

In this stage, you will combine your spiritual and bodily self. In other words, you are reconnecting with your soul so that you may begin living your authentic life.

This stage entails transcending personal consciousness and uniting with divine consciousness in order to experience a sense of harmony with all things.

You’ll align with your best self and achieve linked awareness. Instead of concentrating on differences, you’ll see that everyone is connected and has a function in the world.

You will realize that the Universe is a living thing in which you play an essential part. You will have completed the road of spiritual development when you attain that knowledge.

However, just because this is the conclusion of your spiritual growth journey does not indicate that life will come to a halt. It’s the exact opposite. That is when your life begins.

Sure, you’ll still confront problems and obstacles. But you will not let them pull you down because you will constantly concentrate on being true to your mission.

Tips On How Do You Start Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

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Spiritual awakenings start to occur when you are least expecting them or when you’re going through a lot. Sometimes, you have to get ready and seek for them. Everything depends on the teachings you are meant to learn in this existence. If you want to jumpstart your spiritual development, try the following:

Request One

If the timing is correct, the Universe will grant your request. So, go forward and begin with the process.

Be Prepared for Change

If you know you are interested in change, start directing your life in that direction. You won’t get anything just right, but it indicates that you’re prepared to get started.

Commitment to the Process

An excellent spiritual journey requires trust and commitment in the process. Demonstrate to the Universe that you are prepared to do the job.

Remove yourself from things that do not serve you.

Breaking free from things that aren’t beneficial to you is one of the most effective methods of getting ready for energy development. Perhaps it’s unhealthy relationships or bad habits.

Let New Energy in

Make way for fresh energy in your life if you desire it! Remove what you don’t need anymore and any extra mess.

Events and Situations That Drives Spiritual Awakening

When the soul ascends above the state of emotion, it begins its journey toward awakening. There are no established parameters for what triggers it, and you cannot predict its occurrence with conventional means such as Tarot cards. Let’s examine the most significant causes of spiritual awakening:

Significant trauma

A life-altering trauma, such as the demise of a loved one, failure, or loss, frequently causes one to doubt the meaning of existence. They doubt their existence. While this period of depression and self-hatred is transient, the questions they pose make them perpetually soul-aware. This awareness leads to enlightenment.

Frequent vivid dreams 

It is well-known that dreams provide access to the mystical realm. Numerous individuals begin to have vivid visions in which they receive guidance on achieving a spiritual awakening. It could be by means of messages or images. This continues for days or months until the individual comprehends the message.


It is the key to sustaining a philosophical perspective on existence. This leads to spirituality, while the desire to learn more results in awakening. Acquiring knowledge is the answer if someone wishes to begin their spiritual awakening journey without the abovementioned factors.


The death of a loved one can have a profound effect on those left behind. Frequently, it is the start of a spiritual revelation.


Some people experience spiritual awakenings as if they were utterly unexpected. However, the transformation may be triggered by karmic energy from a previous life.

Finding a Soulmate

A spiritual awakening may be precipitated by meeting a counterpart, which can be a romantic or platonic relationship. This person may remain in your life indefinitely, or they may arrive and go in an instant.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual awakening is a process of self-discovery and development that culminates in enlightenment. It comprises seven stages that are hardly linear or sequential. 

Due to the various paths of development encountered along this path to realizing oneself and enlightenment, the voyage through every phase can be unique and mean different for every person. 

It may be beneficial to reflect on the progression achieved thus far and document your emotions and thoughts. At the same time, contemplate which stages connect with you.

Seek the assistance of others who have been through the same experiences, or engage with a spiritual master or guide who can provide insight and direction along the way. It is essential to have faith that everything will happen as it should for one’s utmost benefit, regardless of the path selected.


How do I continue to experience the awakening?

Following a spiritual awakening, it is essential to exercise self-discipline. You need to routinely contemplate, devote a set amount of time, and put effort into improving yourself and your environment. These actions will maintain a high level of spirituality.

What is the duration of a spiritual awakening?

Every individual’s spiritual awakening has a distinctive duration; no set timeframe exists. Some may have it for only a few days, while others can live with it for years. The typical duration of awakening is between one and three years.

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