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What are Soul Ties, How Do You Know If You Have One?

Soul ties are the intangible strings that bring various relationships with people into our lives, ranging from twin flames to soul mates. 

If you’re feeling trapped in a relationship long after it has ended, it might indicate that you have soul ties. A soul tie is a deep emotional connection between two people that may have enormous consequences on our lives.

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In this article, we will discuss soul ties, how they affect us, and practical suggestions for managing or disconnecting them when needed. Read on to unravel the secrets of your relationships.

What are Soul Ties

Soul ties are deep connections with someone extending beyond physical and emotional attachments, featuring powerful spiritual links and a sense of newness among individuals.

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These are strong emotional and spiritual soul ties that are established between two persons. These attachments are often associated with personal relationships but soul ties can also arise due to close friendships or family ties.

Unlike other kinds of connections like twin flames, soul ties do not always signify a favorable relationship; they may be helpful and detrimental.

According to the notion, this relationship exceeds the physical body and is embedded in your spirit.

It’s important to be knowledgeable about these connections since they may substantially influence one’s emotional wellness and general well-being.

Distinguishing Soul Ties From Twin Flames

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Soul ties and twin flames are distinct from one another despite their similarities.

A soul tie connection is established when a couple has a profound sense of emotional or spiritual unity. 

Still, a twin flame has more intimacy and a powerful relationship between two people who are said to have been generated from the same source of vibration and consciousness.

While a twin flame relationship is often considered a pleasant and therapeutic relationship, this may not be the case for every soul tie.

If you have a profound relationship with somebody and their presence in your life has led you to new insights, that connection might be a soul tie connection.

Signs You Have a Soul Tie With Someone

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The concept of a soul tie differs based on who you ask. However, you’ll know it when you experience it, similar to falling in love.

The following are some signs that you’ve got a soul tie with someone:

  • The person feels familiar and comforting and feels like you’ve encountered them before, even if you’ve just met once.
  • You have frequent dreams about this person and feel deeply connected.
  • They manifest themselves at pivotal points in your life or the crossroads of a significant choice.
  • You find yourself eager to discuss major and minor things with them.
  • Your feelings always appear to be heightened when you’re around them.
  • You have a psychic and intense connection with them.
  • You might feel yourself improving or developing due to your time spent with them.

What Causes a Soul Tie to Form?

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When two people have a profound emotional connection, they develop a soul tie. Intensive or long-term interactions may achieve this, including a close friendship or romantic relationship.

Below are the most common reasons why a soul tie forms.

Close relationships

A soul tie may be formed over a lengthy period of great emotional and spiritual intimacy with someone.

A past romantic soul tie relationship might always be emotionally relevant and valued in this manner.

Sexual intercourse

It is the most common explanation for a soul tie and is said to have emerged in Christianity.

According to science, hormones generated during carnal intimacy play a significant part in creating an emotional soul tie between lovers.

However, a soul tie is not reliant on orgasm, although having sex improves the likelihood of a soul tie to evolve with a specific person.

Different Types Of Soul Ties

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Now that you’ve understood what a soul tie is, it’s time to learn about the many varieties of these ties and how they manifest in our lives. 

You might experience four different forms of soul ties throughout your life.  

Others are romantic, while others are platonic or spiritual, with physical soul ties amongst romantic couples being the most prevalent.


A protective soul tie arises when someone may have come into your life at a difficult period.

They relieve your pain and soothe you by lending their passion to you during a trying time. Consequently, your attraction to them may grow to a level where a soul tie develops.

This is a healthy soul tie relationship characterized by an empathic bond that can’t be broken by distance – but can develop if damaged into a bonding soul tie marked by powerful sensations of physical pain, wrath, fury, and desire.


Physical soul ties arise as a consequence of engaging in physical intimacy with another individual. 

They generate emotions and a spiritual and physical connection that may be difficult to regulate.

In fact, sex is an energy exchange. You will also experience the energy of your sexual partners, which might be challenging to let go of.

Also, sexual soul ties need to be broken to secure future loving partnerships.


In most circumstances, a permanent soul tie occurs when one person’s soul fuses with another, frequently beyond the partners’ awareness.

Such soul ties are prevalent among married individuals, and they may have a fulfilling and loving relationship and selfless affection.


A spiritual soul tie results from deep connections that transcend the person’s body, sensations, and emotions.

This soul tie might be considered the most intense. It is not impossible to separate spiritual soul ties, but it is a tremendous endeavor.

Hazards of Unhealthy Soul Ties

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When there is an unhealthy soul tie relationship, it may be hazardous and devastating. People may feel excessive jealousy, obsession, and codependency with an unhealthy attachment.

They may get unduly connected to another person and suffer to identify their identity without that individual. The following are symptoms of an unhealthy relationship:

  • Feeling worried while apart for an extended period from another person may imply a negative connection
  • Overdependence on the other individual for emotional support
  • Having difficulties making judgments without the involvement of the other person
  • Jealousy or possessiveness of the other person
  • Struggling to determine your identity in the absence of them
  • After dealing with them, you may feel drained or fatigued.
  • When you are not around them, you get a feeling of emptiness.

Ways of Breaking Soul Ties

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When dealing with toxic soul ties, ending them is difficult. There are a few things you can do from a mindset perspective. Breaking soul ties can restore your emotional and spiritual balance.

1. Acknowledge It

To break an ungodly soul tie, you must recognize it and realize there’s an issue. This is like addiction treatment.

There are several next steps, but they depend on the situation. S

ome individuals go to a trustworthy friend, psychologist, or therapist to figure out the issue with their soul tie relationship.

2. Prepare an Action Plan

After identifying your issue, you may start solving it.

Some people require continual support from friends, while others with spiritual and emotional problems need a stricter approach like inner work to break deep, complicated, toxic soul ties.

3. Forgive

This is stage three in breaking soul ties. This may be the most challenging stage for many and is especially true for people in toxic relationships with harmful soul ties.

The forgiveness procedure entails identifying mental liabilities that may be maintaining the deep soul connection.

Releasing these liabilities is a spiritual process that may be emotional.

4. Break Your Soul Tie

Finally, remove any tangible items that may connect you to the other person.

Photos, presents, letters, and other things, even verbal agreements you may be clinging to, as well as meditation to comprehend your feelings and mood shifts.

Breaking these soul ties, particularly ungodly ones, can relieve you and help you release negative energy.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Having A Soul-Tie Relationship

Everything with a benefit has some drawbacks, and soul ties are no exception. The following section discusses the advantages and disadvantages of having a soul-tie connection.


Soul ties enable you to have a strong emotional feeling of being connected to someone.

You may have a healthy kind of soul tie this way. Soul ties provide strong feelings and experiences and are a terrific method to strengthen relationships with different people.

Sharing a deep emotional relationship with someone makes it simpler to keep your friendship going.


One of the most prominent drawbacks of soul ties is their propensity to stifle your potential for happiness.

It may not be easy to move on after a soul-tie relationship, and relishing any new love endeavor may be challenging.

Soul ties may be stressful and draining, smothering both your emotional connection and your spiritual progress. 

You may be tempted to maintain a harmful soul relationship merely because you have a particular bond.

The Bottomline

The first step for emotional closure is to understand soul ties. It’s also an excellent method to begin a spiritual connection with those we care about.

You may sever unhealthy attachments and reclaim their sense of self by recognizing the signs of a soul tie and being mindful of the hazards they might offer.

However, if you believe you are in a toxic soul tie connection, it is critical to break a soul tie before it damages your love life and hinders your emotional health. 


Can the Bible classify all soul ties as good or bad?

The Bible views soul relationships in several ways.

For example, some may hold a good spirit, while others could have a harmful spirit, depending on the type of emotional ties and spiritual connections created in an intense relationship.

What is a soul tie?

Soul ties are personal connections or relationships formed between two individuals that may become ingrained in your soul due to passionate interactions.

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