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The Role of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in the Twin Flame Union

In the Twin Flame Union, the feminine partner plays a vital role in connecting and merging with the masculine partner’s soul.

This is called being “in-sync” or being “on-track.”

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The divine feminine energy is all about allowing, trust and surrender. The feminine partner is like a canvas that allows the masculine energy to be expressed in its fullness, power, and vulnerability.

💟 The role of the divine masculine energy in twin flame relationships is that of protection, guidance, love, and growth.

The masculine energy is more assertive and directly connected to actionable steps in the physical world that help move the dynamic forward while supporting connection with both partners’ spiritual truths.

Twin flames seek a balance between their energies but also balance within themselves – as they seek to attain higher levels of harmony within themselves both on physical and non-physical planes simultaneously.

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Both partners need to be conscious of their spiritual roles and responsibilities during this journey – to achieve a union that can last for eternity.

The exchange between both divine energies can only be perfected when each twin flame has a deep understanding of both energies – their own as well as their partner’s.

And how these two energies interact when connected at a higher level It becomes very important to understand your partner’s implicit needs while respecting your truth at the same time so that the exchange of sacred intimacy can manifest stronger than ever before through shared compassion, understanding & love.

Both must focus on being open & honest with each other at all times so communication remains clear & constructive allowing peace & joy within your relationship

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