types of soul ties

Steps To Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties: Why Is It Hard To Get Loose From Them

Why are soul ties hard to break? Once you have a soul tie with someone, you experience a profound emotional connection with that person. It may seem as if they’ve forever been a part of you as if you’ve perpetually known them. 

types of soul ties

This kind of relationship may seem like a dream come true! However, that degree of energy has a negative side. Continue reading to discover all you need to know about the hazards of toxic soul ties, especially how to sever toxic soul ties that are ruining your well-being and your life.

In this article, we’ll define toxic soul ties and how to break them. We’ll also dive into other factors associated with this sort of relationship. Read on to learn more!

What Is A Soul Tie?

The word “soul ties” refers to the energy ties that bind people to one another. A soul tie is a spiritual connection between two people. In many circumstances, soul ties are formed after two individuals have physical intimacy. It is thought to develop after an intense emotional or spiritual bond with others.

Common examples of soul ties are those developed with past romantic partners. That’s because this individual had such a significant part in and affected your life for so long that a solid connection or tie was developed and hard to break. That connection may or may not have stopped with the relationship.

Soul ties are often assumed to be established after sexual contact, although people can create a soul tie via mental and emotional connectedness.

What Is An Unhealthy Soul Tie and Why Are They Hard To Break?

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Have you ever had a harsh breakup just to discover yourself in another relationship with a like-minded person? These people behave as they are due to a soul tie connecting you.

When it comes to soul ties, the frequent issue is the intensity — a key feature of soul ties — lies in the fact that it cannot always be beneficial. The soul connection becomes toxic when relationships deteriorate into dependence, obsession, or abuse.

When one or both persons feel unable to spend time separated, the relationship has likely entered the danger zone, resulting in feeling smothering and controlling.

One-sided soul ties have the potential to be dangerous as well. They might begin as a bonded affair, but one partner loses interest while the other becomes more committed.

Occasionally, just one person experiences the connection. In these imbalanced situations, the one who feels attached believes they can’t function without their partner. Toxic soul ties can result in negative and unpleasant behavior, such as stalking and obsession that can lead to depression.

Symptoms of A Soul Tie

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A lot of people are completely clueless that they have ungodly soul ties. Soul tie symptoms are usually similar to those endured by persons after the end of a particularly intense relationship or connection. 

However, a soul tie symptom has the potential to impact your current and next relationships significantly and might last for years even after the relationship is over. Identifying any outstanding symptoms of a soul tie might help you consider what this implies for your life:

  • You view your partner’s problems as yours.
  • You are continuously seeking their approval.
  • You are always concerned about upsetting them.
  • You are envious and angry of them.
  • You have difficulties creating long-term plans.
  • You struggle to get through the day alone.
  • You feel powerless and get the impression that your life is not your own.
  • You believe you need their permission or affirmation.
  • You’re angry, hurt, or sad without their presence.
  • When they are gone, you are plagued with tension and anxiety.

Steps To Break A Soul Tie

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Some people feel trapped in relationships as the circumstances obligate them. It is not always necessary for both parties to come together to break it. One person can break away from the toxic soul tie.

Cutting a soul tie is an essential yet difficult step to take before you can move on after ending this relationship. So, how can you break soul ties? Breaking a soul tie can sometimes be hard, but you can do it! Below are the 4 steps to break soul ties:

1. Acknowledge the existence of the soul ties

Having a detrimental soul tie is comparable to suffering from an addiction, and the act of breaking a toxic soul tie is like conquering an addiction in many respects. Begin by realizing how the soul tie has harmed your life.

2. Do something about it

The action begins next. The process may take many different forms. Some individuals want to find someone with whom they can discuss their difficulties. This might be seeing a psychologist or therapist or just talking to somebody you trust to discuss the matter. However, talk therapy or seeing a buddy is rarely an effective treatment for such problems. 

Further action may be required for extremely deep level and challenging soul ties, which have previously proved difficult to dissolve – or perhaps may have been made with someone who subsequently turned out to be unworthy.

3. Forgive

break toxic soul ties

This is frequently the most challenging stage. In such circumstances, might be because you feel that the other person in the relationship should be asking for your forgiveness. In some instances, there could be none to forgive.

In any case, forgiving entails discovering and releasing any remaining mental “debts” that may be keeping the soul tie intact. This may imply that you need to forgive yourself for previous choices, which are very difficult to accomplish. This will help you to move forward without the burden of the past relationship.

4. Break the soul tie

The next step is to eliminate any material things that can connect you to someone. This might be pictures, presents, and a variety of other items.

These are ties’ symbols and must be removed from your life even if you don’t want to. Even conducting meditation exercises in which you envision a bond between two people and then dissolve it with your will and purpose is an effective way of eventually breaking the relationship.

You must be well on your way to resolving the hallmarks of a soul tie after all of the tangible signs, psychological debts, and spiritual links have been removed you could be well on the way to overcoming the symptoms of the tie’s energy.

Types of Soul Ties (Emotional, Spiritual, Sexual)

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Now that you know what a soul tie is (positive & negative), it’s time to discover the different types of soul ties and how they emerge in your life.

  • Emotional soul ties are developed by profound emotional relationships and attachments to someone, which frequently emerge from a close friendship or sexual engagement. A soul tie between two people is formed due to deep bonds, these attachments may be powerful and difficult to dissolve.
  • Spiritual soul ties emerge when two people together have a strong spiritual connection or affinity. This might be accomplished via shared ideas or experiences that foster a feeling of togetherness and connected energies.
  • Finally, sexual soul ties are relationships formed via physical contact with another person in the bond, resulting in increased feelings of connection and dependency.

Challenges Of Breaking Free From Soul Ties

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Wondering how to break soul ties? This might be tough owing to the deep and meaningful emotional and spiritual connection, making it challenging to let go and detrimental to mental health. There are three major challenges:

1. Emotional and spiritual connection

Soul ties may be hard to break because of emotional and spiritual connections. When you create a profound emotional relationship with this person, it gets embedded in your heart and mind, making it difficult to break the tie.

2. Trouble in letting go

Getting rid of a soul tie could be pretty tricky. It is difficult to break such bonds after we create strong emotional and spiritual bonds with someone, particularly after the relationship ends.

It takes tremendous courage and inner work to break free of this emotional dependency even after the relationship has ended, progress toward healing and development, and move on with your life.

3. Impacts on mental health

toxic soul ties

Toxic soul ties can have a negative influence on one’s mental health. Once a soul relationship becomes toxic, it forms strong emotional attachments that are hard to disintegrate.

The breakup of a relationship with a chaotic soul tie could leave you emotionally and psychologically weary.

To Sum Up

Breaking soul ties can be difficult since they generate profound emotional and spiritual commitments. Giving up these relationships is not always simple since they may substantially influence our well-being.

We may, however, sever these unhealthy attachments and find healing and development by seeking counseling, practicing self-care and self-reflection, and participating in spiritual activities.

Breaking soul ties takes dedication to healing previous hurts and learning to erase negative ideas from your system so they can no longer control your emotions and actions.

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