7 Twin Flame Stages Before Twin Flame Reunion

There are 7 twin flame stages on the reunion journey. A twin flame relationship has to go through various stages that can be both exhilarating and painful. One of the common dynamics in a twin flame relationship is the runner and chaser dynamic. ,

This means that one person may initially try to resist the intense connection and may even try to distance themselves from their twin flame. However, the magnetism between them is so strong that they cannot stay apart for long.

Separation is another phase that twin flames often go through. This can be a challenging period where the two souls are physically apart but still connected on a deep level.

It is during this separation that you may experience personal growth and healing, as you confront your own insecurities and work towards becoming your best self.

Telepathic communication is a unique aspect of a twin flame relationship. You may find yourself having thoughts or hearing your twin flame’s voice in your head, even when you are not physically together.  This telepathic connection strengthens the bond between twin flames and enables a deeper understanding of each other.

7 Twin Flame Phase You Will Go Through Before Reunion

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Are you wondering whether you have a twin flame relationship? Or are you curious about where your twin flame journey may take you? Every twin flame connection goes through the following stages:

1. Yearning Stage

You’ll be mindful that your other half is waiting for you even before you encounter them. There is an intense desire and deep longing at this time, and there will be inner work to get you ready to find your twin flame.

2. Meeting Stage

You’ll be overwhelmed and your world will be turned upside down when you meet. Brace yourself to fall quickly.

When you meet, it’s insane fast desire and attraction. You typically can’t keep your eyes off each other, think about each other, and want to spend lifetime time with each other.

3. Madly Deeply In Love Stage

When you eventually meet your Twin Flame, you will fall profoundly, madly, and quickly in love. At first, you may want to avoid the experience. The meeting is also unexpected; you might unexpectedly cross paths.

Perhaps because of an existing connection, but you won’t be capable of staying away from them forever. Your relationship is fresh, meaningful, and good at this point. It is up to the pair how long it will endure before problems occur.

4. Challenges Develop Stage

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As the euphoria of the first encounter fades off, egos begin to flare. Suddenly, disparities in viewpoints, preferences, and toxic behaviors and personalities appear, and old wounds and scars emerge from the shadows.

Frequently, these challenges serve as an indication of the individual soul-searching that you’ve got to undertake. Frequently, it is not about improving the relationship, but rather about improving oneself.

5. The Test Stage

As you delve further into your darker aspects, your affection will be put to the ultimate test. As soon as you begin to doubt one another and yourself, your concerns and insecurities will come to the surface.

Being emotionally insecure may cause the other to avoid the situation or even end the relationship. This circumstance gives rise to concerns regarding relationships or attachment.

6. Runner & Chaser Stage

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The chase, also known as twin flame separation, is common in many twin flame relationships; somebody is bound to leave. Push-pull interactions are prevalent in twin flame relationships.

Each participant’s reward constitutes a big part of the search. At some point, however, one spouse will become distant from the other, leading to their separation.

7. The Surrender Stage

The pursuit may last for years, but you may be reunited if you fight over all of your triggers, fears, and problems.

This is your relationship’s surrender and the bigger picture for you both. You embrace and welcome each other as they are, wounds and all. You return to this point in time.

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