seeing repeating numbers

What is Synchronicity and Why Do They Happen?

While some occurrences in our lives are entirely random, others are beneficial indications from the universe pointing us in the direction of our most significant benefit, much like smooth, tiny stones making an excellent road out of a thick forest. These indicators are referred to as synchronicities.

seeing repeating numbers

Have you ever experienced a coincidence that seemed too strange to be a coincidence? These were referred to as synchronistic occurrences by Carl Jung.

Jung believed that the significant relationship between the subjective and objective worlds is shown through synchronicity.

They’re more than random happenings without apparent cause; they’re essential moments that may help us comprehend the cosmos and our role in it. As others have said, synchronicity is the finest way to gain a second opinion from the cosmos on your intuition.

In this article, we’ll examine Jung’s notion of synchronicity and its implications. We’ll also look at some notable occurrences of synchronicity and how they’ve transformed people’s lives. Read on to learn more!

What is Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a phenomenon in which individuals perceive two separate—and apparently unrelated—experiences as meaningfully interwoven in any other causal manner, even though there is no proof that one caused the other or that the two occurrences are connected in any other way. 

Though many individuals sense signals or spiritual significance in synchronistic events, most scientists feel that such events are more probable coincidences that only seem essential owing to human thinking characteristics such as confirmation biases.

Most scientists today, however, see the concept that coincidences are meaningful as non-scientific.

Many say that characteristics like confirmation bias provide a more persuasive explanation: people tend to seek information that supports their opinions and dismiss information that contradicts them.

Synchronicity According to the Dictionary

The dictionary refers to synchronicity as “the coincidental happening of events, particularly psychic events such as identical thoughts in distant people or mental representations of an unexpected happening before it occurs.

They seem related but aren’t clarified by conventional mechanisms of causality — used mainly in Carl Gustav Jung’s psychology

Psychology and Synchronicity

Carl Jung, the famed Swiss thinker, author, psychotherapist, and psychologist, coined ‘synchronicity’ to describe his concept of the meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.

The incident is significant because what happens in the external world mirrors your internal world.

An example would be clearing out your closet and discovering photographs of an old college buddy with whom you shared memories and haven’t spoken in years—and then receiving a message from that same old friend a few days later. 

Based on a psychological perspective, synchronicities may help us recognize the power of our brain mechanisms beyond our comprehension, such as the capacity of our minds to communicate to us in dreams or connect with the psyche of others beyond space and time.

When you suddenly get a message from an old friend just as you had been thinking of them, the ‘coincidence’ should drive you to take the incident seriously and commit time and effort to reconnect with the individual from your past. 

As an explanatory hypothesis, synchronicity applies to parapsychological phenomena such as telepathy, dreams, premonition, and so forth. 

It also exists in Jungian psychotherapy, but also in circumstances when patients uncover knowledge about their psychotherapists by extrasensory means, previously unknown details, or vice versa when psychotherapists find details regarding their patients.

Jung’s empirical research and reports testify to the latter occurrence.

Spirituality and Synchronicity

Synchronicity is a palpable type of heavenly guidance from a spiritual standpoint. It indicates that something in the universe is interested in our growth, recognizes what is missing in our conscious vision, and that the whole world becomes a magnificent mechanism for telling us of our completeness.

Spirit, or other of your guides, will send you synchronicities regularly as helpful prompts regarding your destiny and calls to healing and personal growth.

Through synchronicity, spiritual guides assist you in navigating every aspect of worldly life to gain useful insight into anything.

Romance and Synchronicity

Regarding romance, synchronicities such as meeting a lover as you were seated next to them at a sports event rooting for the same side or trapped together conversing in a lengthy line at the concession stand might lead you to a prospective love interest.

Synchronicities may also give valuable insight at critical periods in a love relationship or tell us where we can improve our intimacy abilities, leading to different, more rewarding romantic partnerships.

Whether you’re presently coupled, blissfully unattached, or wanting to mingle, romantic synchronistic guidance is seldom about going off into a Hollywood sunset. Synchronicity is being entirely prepared for what happens ahead.

Law of Attraction and Synchronicity

Law of Attraction Quotes

There is a clear distinction between synchronicity, coincidence, and living science whenever the Law of Attraction is at work. Synchronicity occurs when you set up a desire to manifest anything into your reality through the Law of Attraction, and a series of events happen in your favor that gets you closer to your goal.

In simple terms, coincidence is synchronicity, but since most people are uninformed of the Law of Attraction, they are oblivious to what is indeed occurring; thus, we refer to them as phenomena or accidents rather than causation.

All those coincidences are synchronicities when individuals are in touch with the Law of Attraction and understand how to put their intentions to produce what they desire.

They are actively aware of the events that occur to them daily and understand that the universe is generating situations that will assist them in achieving their goal.

Synchronicity Vs. Serendipity

Serendipity occurs when something nice happens by chance. For example, we might need cash to pay unforeseen fees and discover some in the coat pocket we just put on.

Synchronicity, on the other hand, is more than a single instance of luck. Synchronicity is a series of happenings in nature that seem to be extraordinarily symbolic and significant.

Synchronicity is the path that brings us to a new location. Many individuals see synchronicity as a life lesson, validation, or communication.

A typical instance of synchronicity is hearing the same name, words, or even numbers repeatedly in reading material, on TV, on license plates, in dreams, and so on, and then realizing that the name is a neighborhood where you eventually locate the home of your dreams.

Although various names, words, and numbers have variable chances of occurring, specific repeated sightings are statistically less likely than others, attributing significance to such coincidences.

Coincidence vs. Synchronicity

You may be asking what the distinction is between synchronicity and coincidence. Are they interchangeable? The essential distinction is in determining meaning.

As a result, specific patterns or coincidences will be meaningless, while others may instantly elicit ideas or sentiments related to your present life or decisions. The only definite way to know is to be aware of all coincidences. 

Consider if these coincidences have any deeper meaning that implies they are synchronicity indications. Make use of your creativity and intuition and research the significance of any pertinent numerical patterns or signs.

Signs and Examples of Synchronicity

Have you found yourself thinking about someone, and then they contact you right away? Or have you ever dreamed of discovering something valuable and then realizing it just a few days later? These are instances of synchronicity, according to Jung. Synchronicity may be seen daily; all it needs is a sharp eye. 

For instance, if you want to be with the love of your life, you might get exposed to individuals who will point you in the right way. Each time you meet someone, a synchronicity leads you in the right direction. Synchronicity may be identified by the following signs:

  • Patterned dreams
  • Unexpected occurrences
  • Symbols
  • Sounds
  • Conversations
  • Repeating Numbers, words, names, etc.
  • Trickster Energy
  • Unexplainable phenomena
  • Spontaneous interactions

Synchronicity may also help you realize all that you can do and become a guide for connecting with your inner self, or, in Jung’s words, help you on your journey of individuation.

Final Thoughts

Every new phase of your day is a fresh chance to align with good synchronicities. Establish an intention on your way through the day and connect your thoughts and emotions with it. Do the same thing before a significant meeting or a big date.

Remember that you are an energy-transmitting &receiving device; your life experience is defined by how and where you concentrate your attention. Choose your point of view and see what happens around you.


Who came up with the concept of synchronicity?

Psychologist Carl Jung developed synchronicity in the 1920s and explored it throughout his career. It has since been researched by physicists like Wolfgang Pauli, psychoanalysts, parapsychologists, and Jungian researchers.

Why am I experiencing synchronicities in my life?

Synchronicities are manifestations of spiritual direction. They are one way that your spiritual guides, the cosmos, your angels, or a higher power might communicate with you.

Synchronicity is defined as a significant force that flows through our lives, offering intuitive guidance, much-needed wake-up calls, indications, fresh opportunities, revelations of the meaning of life, open doors, and access to previously untapped potential.

How can one be more open to synchronicity?

Sometimes, we just discovered we had several useful synchronicities about a topic in hindsight. To allow further synchronicities, you should be:

  • Be attentive and conscious.
  • Pay attention to the present moment
  • Be responsive and open.
  • Be modest.
  • Be confident.
  • Trust your intuition.

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