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What’s The Meaning Of Spiritual Surrender, Why It’s Important & How To Practice It?

At some time in our lives, everyone faces a scenario that rattles the core of who we are and what we believe we can bear—a situation that pushes us beyond our limitations if you will.  

Sometimes, it’s a long-term issue; other times, it’s a quick incident that overwhelms us and renders our regular coping techniques ineffective. 

self surrender spiritual meaning

While the substance may vary, these encounters have in common the ability to send us to our knees, both metaphorically and physically. And the ability to transform us. 

Surrender is one of the most fundamental concepts to live by, yet it is also one of the hardest. It is surrendering the small self or individuality to the absolute.

We are left to use our ways to overcome our limitations and obstacles if we do not submit. With surrender, we bring the Creator’s atoning grace into our lives, allowing Him to create far more of us and our lives than we could on our own. 

This powerful method may also assist us in making peace with people or situations we cannot change, hardships we are experiencing, or obsessive habits in ourselves or others over which we feel helpless. It’s how we can be all alright even when we’re not. It’s how we can accept what is.


• To hone the skill of letting go and letting the Universe guide you.
• To let go of things over which you have no control.
• To be liberated from your anxieties and fears
• To grow in confidence and trust in the Creator, His plan, His timing, and His gift of power to everyone.

What Does It Mean To Surrender Spiritually?

surrender spiritual definition

Spiritual surrender is also known as the “joy of surrender.” You get that lovely, uplifting sensation when you raise the white flag and just let go.

The concept of surrender means breaking free from all constraints, stretching beyond your regular conditioning, and opening up to endless possibilities. It is surrendering the little self or personal identity to the absolute.

We give up our attachment to certain beliefs and desired results in spiritual surrender; we let go of our prejudices about how things are supposed to work and trust in the wisdom of a higher Divine knowing.

Once you understand the meaning of surrender spiritually, you cease imposing solutions on problems over which you have no control and rather trust and believe that there is a higher power or Divine force in charge of everything in a flawlessly coordinated way.

Here are some examples of how surrender is described more deeply:

  • Krishna, who symbolizes the Divine in the Bhagavad Gita, advises Arjuna, “Abandon every type of dharma [purpose] and completely surrender unto me alone.” Do not be afraid; I will save you from any immoral and sinful reactions.”
  • According to spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, “Surrender is to say ‘yes’ to life—and witness how life immediately begins to work for you rather than against you.”
  • “Surrender is the greatest present you can give yourself,” author Debbie Ford explains. It’s a leap of faith that states, “Even though I cannot see clearly where this river is flowing, I’m confident it’ll lead me in the right direction.”
spiritual meaning of surrender

The ego craves power over everything. It establishes the limits and constraints within which you confine yourself. Surrender is “The death of the ego” and it frees you and also enables you to enter “the wisdom of uncertainty.”

On the one hand, true surrender is often one of the most misunderstood concepts on the spiritual journey. Surrender isn’t giving up or being passive. It is an invitation to the right spiritual path, awakening, clear vision, and the most deep and holy action conceivable.

On the other hand, surrender also signifies giving up when applied in a spiritual context. Still, this time, it means to give up anything negative and the beliefs that no longer benefit you.

Surrender allows you to totally connect with your higher self, where the whole world conspires to help you. You can become timeless, everlasting, infinite, joyful, and fearless. 

Individual expectancies and goals are given over to a greater force. Your desires will become “Thy will be done.”

Now that you understand why surrender is so effective and powerful, the next challenge is, how do you fully surrender? Here are the ways to help you on your spiritual journey to surrender.

The Significance of Spiritual Surrender

surrender meaning spiritual

When you embrace everything as His divine gift, whether of the ups and downs, thick or thin, positive or negative circumstances, that is surrender.  

Surrender is another word for unshakable faith; it doesn’t imply that only ‘positive’ things will occur in your life. It indicates that you will unreservedly seek shelter in the Divine, no matter what. It’s not “seeing is believing”, it’s “believing is seeing!

It does not imply that you do not attempt to improve your circumstances; rather, it implies that you accept the result even if it’s not on your flavor and still take action. Acceptance is remarkable in that it provides one with power and tranquility.

Ways To Practice Spiritual Surrender

Do you find it difficult to exert control over anything in your life? Do you struggle to go with the flow? Accept your own Universal task and look forward to the deep spiritual practice and development you will undergo! Follow these ways to practice spiritual surrender and allow the Universe to assist you.

Let go of Fear and Pray

Fear is a sure sign that you’re relying on your own strength alone rather than the higher power (Hey, remember, you don’t know what you don’t know). The Universe will never stop and is always ready to guide you, but it won’t do so unless your ego gets out of the way. 

Surrender requires prayer, and the key to prayer is to let go of what you think you need. Don’t pray for a particular result. Pray that the Creator reveals what you need and what’s right for you. Request the highest good with gratitude and just “know” that you’re in good hands. Then your fears will be dissolved.

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

Worries, fears, uncertainties, and anxieties often cloud our thinking, making us feel as if we are stuck in our own darkness. Our anxieties and fears make it more difficult to surrender to the higher power because we remain in our comfort zone rather than choosing the road of personal and spiritual progress.

We must exercise mindfulness while discovering how to become more aware of our negative thoughts, just like anything else.

Let Go of Control

leap of faith

We do not enjoy feeling vulnerable and at risk; therefore, letting go of the need to control everything is among the most challenging things to accomplish. We believe that if we have control over something, we can prevent pain and have everything go our way.

We are at ease and liberated when we yield to the Universe and let go. Although it may seem frightening, it is incredibly freeing since it attunes our minds and frees them from negative thoughts, worries, and speculative anxiety. Stop struggling against “what ifs,” let go of life’s worries, and truly accept its completeness.

Meditation or Yoga

Daily guided meditation or yoga is critical. To begin, relax and take several deep breaths to help you surrender control. Feel like you are one with everything and a part of the divine.

Let go and succumb to this sensation. At least once a day, do this to reaffirm yourself of the feeling of surrender.

Appreciate What You Have

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Instead of concentrating on your objectives and desired results, turn your attention to what you already have. Cherish all the wonderful things in every area of your life. 

Tell those who you care about how much you love and value them. Set aside time each day to focus on what is already flourishing in your life. Remember that bliss is a supreme creator, the greatest form of universal, and unconditional love.

When we resonate with the vibration of joy, we manifest and attract all we need. By connecting with pleasure and gratitude, we engage this divine power. The combination of being happy and appreciating what is flourishing attracts wonders and miracles!

Seek Guidance From the Divine

Seeking guidance from your higher self or your guardian angels can help and encourage you during your life journey through difficult circumstances. Sometimes, it might be difficult to discern the Creator’s plan, and we sometimes fail to see the larger picture.

We may feel we can’t see the light and that darkness, dread, and anxiety have taken over our heads. Understand that the Universe will never abandon us and remains here with us.

Know That Roadblocks Are Only Diversions on The Right Path

follow a higher guidence

What seemed to be a roadblock to most incredible healing was really a diversion. Always follow the Universe’s guidance and know you’re being led to love.

When you consider your challenges as diversions in the right path, you may begin to uncover greater significance and personal development in the middle of the suffering.

Perhaps you can connect to a greater purpose, cultivate a genuine connection with someone, or be placed on a road that will alter the trajectory of your life for the better. Enjoy the ride!

Ask For a Sign

Sometimes, all we need to do is ask the universe whether we’re on the right path. We simply need that assurance to know everything is going as planned. So don’t hesitate to request a sign from the higher power.

Then, pay attention. Keep an eye out for hints and what you get. Sometimes they are angel numbers or symbols and they are everywhere. Be amazed by the guidance that surrounds you!

Surrender More

Faith is like a muscle. You fortify it by maintaining inner peace and regular touch with the Creator. Often enough, as we become spiritual, we begin to feel so wonderful that we believe we no longer need those regular activities. Spiritual submission is rendered obsolete.

Yet there’s a reason it’s referred to as a practice. So, practice surrendering regularly. Because when we feel confident that we are being backed, we can wait with certainty.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual surrender can be a challenging but definitely fulfilling journey. By following the methods enumerated above, you can start to release your attachment to the physical world and become open to new spiritual encounters. 

And as you do so, your life will become peaceful, joyous, and satisfying. May you have all the best of luck on your path to spiritual surrender.


What exactly is total spiritual surrender?

A spiritual person must entirely surrender his or her will and submit their thoughts, ideas, and actions to the will and guidance of a higher power. It can also be used for comparison with submission. Surrender is the intentional acceptance and submission to a superior power and its will.

What advantages does surrendering have?

It lessens anxiety and improves our ability to manage our emotions when we can surrender anything outside our control. It is unquestionably a positive coping mechanism that offers you a feeling of peacefulness that enables you to be present, fulfilled with what you’re doing, and present for others.

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