scriptures on soul ties

Types Of Soul Ties, Meanings, Signs, and How To Break Free From The Unhealthy One

There are different types of soul ties in emotional connections and intimate relationships, soul ties are an intriguing yet sometimes misunderstood concept.

At its essence, a soul tie refers to a strong, emotional, and spiritual connection developed between two people that transcends the physical realm.

scriptures on soul ties

These relationships can trigger strong emotions and a deep level of togetherness, leading many individuals to assume they’ve discovered their soul mates.

Understanding soul ties is essential since they greatly influence our lives, either good or bad. If nurtured and harmonious, soul ties may generate expansion, encouragement, and happiness between couples.

They could nevertheless cause misery, obsession, or instability if left uncontrolled or misinterpreted. Understanding the nature of soul ties enables us to create healthy relationships and let go of those that no longer support our well-being.

In this article, we’ll go into the types of soul ties, looking at their significance, signs, and how to break away from toxic ones.

What Is A Soul Tie?

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A soul tie is an intense spiritual link or bond formed between two people due to emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual intimacy. The most prevalent is between persons in sexual relationships, although it may also occur in other sorts of relationships.

Some people believe soul ties have either beneficial or destructive impacts on people. Positive soul ties, for example, generate a feeling of intimacy, belonging, trust, and mutual respect. 

Negative ties, on the other hand, cause emotions of bondage, mental discomfort, and undesirable habits. Negative soul ties should be eliminated under certain circumstances for people to move on and recover from past relationships.

Types of Soul Ties

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Not all relationships, deep connections, and ties are the same, and soul ties are classed based on how they are established and the function they serve. Let us find out and understand the many types and implications of soul ties.


These soul ties form when two people participate in a physical connection, they develop sexual soul ties. Because of the closeness they do, this connection becomes intense, frequently forming profound emotional attachments that are difficult to break.

Sexual ties are not confined to consensual partnerships; they may also arise in the context of abuse or violence. The effect on both sides varies greatly: for some, it strengthens love impulses, while for others, it causes remorse or regret. It is critical to recognize that each contact greatly impacts our upcoming relationships and future experiences.


It happens between emotionally connected individuals. For example, when you are in difficulty, you seek out your closest friends since you’re confident they will be emotionally accessible to you no matter what.

This soul connection, however, is risky since it may be one-sided, involving heightened standards and expectations. And once expectations are not fulfilled, the dismay may be excruciating.


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This soul tie might be a guiding hand or rescuer figure that comes to your aid anytime you are in trouble. The attraction to the assistance grows with time, and a soul tie is formed out of gratitude and responsibility. This tie, however, may become toxic if the person helping takes unfair benefit of the other person’s appreciation.

Spiritual (Karmic soul ties)

Karmic soul ties are energetic connections between two individuals that result from past life experiences and unresolved emotions.

These ties can be positive or negative, depending on the nature of the relationship and the actions taken in previous lives. Positive karmic soul ties can bring about a deep sense of love, trust, and understanding, while negative ones can manifest as intense conflicts, resentment, and repeated patterns of hurt and betrayal.

The purpose of these ties is to provide an opportunity for growth, healing, and the resolution of karmic debts. By acknowledging and working through these connections, individuals can release old wounds and create healthier and more harmonious relationships in their current lives. 


It may happen between persons who freely join a partnership, whether as a company or marriage. When one partner gets reliant on the other or if there is substantial interdependence between the partners, intentional connectivity enhances the relationship, which may ultimately become a soul tie.


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These relationships manifest in various forms and can be formed through shared experiences, common interests, cultural or social standards, views, behaviors, or morals. Also, it may be formed between friends or members of a particular group. 

Common interests help two individuals understand one another, resulting in affinity and kindness. However, it might become difficult if one person pretends to be connected to the other person.

Signs of Soul Ties

Soul ties could be positive ties or negative ties. It requires time to build that connection, and you might not realize how deeply your soul ties with someone until it is too late. Let’s look at how soul ties can impact you. 

You feel a strong connection

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A soul tie’s key attribute is a profound connection or harmony with a person. You want their attention and focus, and their presence or absence makes a significant impact. It is instinctive, and you may be unable to explain your attachment to someone else.

You are always thinking about them

You don’t spend a day without thinking about this individual. You might not even be in contact with each other, yet you can’t stop thinking about them. Also, you might experience dreams about them frequently.

You like your existence more than you used to

Because your heart is overwhelmed with intense feelings when you connect with a soul tie, your life and entity become more beautiful and enticing than before. Your emotions, love, connection, and even rage may become more intense. You may feel their grief, delight, and other feelings.

You put up with their existence.

A soul tie often appears in your life when you’re seeking validation, direction, assistance, or love. They significantly impact your existence, and you believe you were meant to be together.

You get the impression that you have known them for a long time

You may have just recently met them, yet your soul tie has become so strong that you believe you have known them for quite some time. As a result, you get together with them and relish their company since they make you happy.

You embrace them as a vital part of your life

You start feeling like they’re a part of you because you get so attached to them. You might think they complete you in every aspect of a romantic relationship. Being with them leaves you really pleased and fulfilled.

You strive for validation from them in everything

Your soul tie should guide every choice. Because you depend significantly on their judgment, you filter your ideas via them. When they aren’t around, you either grow restless or begin to think like them.

You think they’re incomparable

Once you find a soul tie, all other relationships seem secondary. You care so much about them that nobody else is appealing to you. You begin to believe they are the finest thing that has ever happened to you and that nobody else can ever compare.

When your soul tie bond becomes so strong that it begins to interfere with your life, the relationship may have the following negative consequences.

You feel lost without their presence

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It hurts to be apart from a soul tie. You get emotionally dependent to the point that you believe someone has taken a piece of yourself. You may fear and feel vulnerable if they argue and threaten to leave.

You start neglecting family and friends for them

Your soul tie gets the center of your existence, and you begin to overlook all other relationships to concentrate on them. You miss your social life as well as your other relationships. You may eventually lose fascination with your hobbies and other interests.

You are tormented with insecurities

You may or may not have felt this way because of your soul tie, but you are constantly tormented by the feeling that you are insufficient for them. When you put them on a throne, you will feel inadequate in every way, undermining your self-esteem.

You want to break free

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Finally, your fixation with the soul tie might get boring as you feel stuck. When your soul tie is controlling, a manipulated relationship could smother you and make you want to sever it.

Difference Between a Soul Tie and a Soulmate?

Mutuality is the foundation of a soulmate relationship, a vital component in a relationship, and what makes a soul tie differ from a soulmate.

For the soulmate relationship to function, you must both want it. A soul tie, on the other hand, is not founded on mutuality. You don’t have to desire the soul tie to occur, and you might even be unaware that it’s occurring.

A soulmate connection is ideal for a relationship that lasts a lifetime, but a soul tie could be pretty powerful. A healthy connection may exhibit a sense of trust and rapport. 

You have to cooperate with a soulmate to keep the relationship continuing. However, you aren’t obligated to put in extra effort to make a soul-tie relationship succeed. Intimacy, fusion, and affection may be good in a relationship, but they can become toxic in other cases, such as bondage. 

What Is An Unhealthy Soul Tie?

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Regarding soul ties, a common issue is that intensity — a defining characteristic of soul ties — is not always beneficial and has negative effects. The soul ties become toxic when relationships devolve into dependency, obsession, or harm.

When either of the parties feels incapable of spending time apart, the relationship has likely reached the point of danger, leading to feelings of oppression and control.

Additionally, one-sided soul ties are risky. They could start as a committed relationship, but one party loses passion as the other grows more devoted.

At times, the connection is experienced by only one person. In these unbalanced situations, the individual who feels devoted to their companion believes they cannot function without them and can feel trapped in the relationship. 

Toxic soul ties could result in undesirable behavior, such as harassment and obsession, contributing to symptoms of depression and other factors affecting your mental health.

How to Break a Soul Tie

To sever an unhealthy and toxic soul tie, acknowledge it and then engage in open conversation and self-reflection. Then, disengage from the person or circumstance related to the soul tie and embrace forgiveness toward yourself and the other person involved. There are a few ways to help you break this tie and move on with your life:

Assess the soul tie

It requires effort to determine the sort of soul tie. For example, if you have a sexual soul tie and have just been fascinated with it, acknowledge it. You can get out of it if you anticipate it becoming detrimental. 

Meanwhile, you can practice cord-cutting rituals by visualizing, to let go and clear the energetic connection between you two.

Talk about it

You may communicate deeply with your soul tie and explain how they impact you. Perhaps they are not mindful of their conduct, and your calling it out might assist them in improving it. But if they refuse to recognize the truth, it’s time to walk away.

Unhook yourself

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Employ intentional detachment by not engaging with or reacting to your emotions. Don’t look back after you’ve decided to cut connections with them. Inform them of your intentions and start taking yourself from the relationship. You may break contact with them, block them on social media, and dispose of all their presents, possessions, and other souvenirs. 


You’re indeed hurt after sacrificing so much for your soul bond and receiving little in return. But holding on to negative emotions can only hurt you and waste your energy. Therefore, forgive both them and yourself. Tell yourself you’ve had some wonderful experiences and are ready to move on.

Seek professional assistance

Breaking up is difficult when it comes to problems of the soul. The fight might be more difficult than you thought. When you believe you are unable to cope, seek the advice of a mental health expert, therapist, counselor, or spiritual healer.

The Bottom Line

Finally, recognizing different types of soul ties might help us navigate our relationships more intentionally. Understanding the influence of a sexual, emotional, protective, spiritual, permanent, or social soul bond on our lives is critical for personal growth and recovery.

You may make room for better connections and foster a feeling of freedom and honesty in your relationships by discovering and breaking toxic soul ties.


Do soul ties dissolve?

Soul ties could endure a lifetime. Even bodily separation cannot ensure total dissociation. However, you may teach yourself to move on if you want to break free from an unhealthy soul tie.

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