what are light workers

The Different Types of Lightworkers: What Kind of Lightworker Are You and What’s Your Light That You Need To Work On 

Have you ever heard of “lightworkers” and are curious about their work? Although there is no formal employment or profession for a lightworker, many agree they play an essential role on the planet Earth.

what are light workers

The term lightworker was first used by author and teacher Michael Mirdad in the early 1980s to define those who feel compelled to contribute to making the world a better place. Following that, in 1997, Doreen Virtue published The Lightworkers’ Path.

In this article, we’ll go through different types of lightworkers, their duties, and signs. 

What Is a Lightworker?

Compassion, affection, and empathy are characteristics of a particular type of individual called lightworkers. These spiritual beings are frequently empaths, older souls, and compassionate individuals who deeply connect to their inner voice.

A lightworker is someone dedicated to living a life illuminated by their spirit. Anyone who brings bright light into the world is a lightworker. They value sincerity and happiness. For them, life is packed with fun and love. They aren’t competing with anybody. 

Lightworkers have often had a spiritual awakening that inspired them to conduct a heartfelt and devote their life to meaningful service.

These folks, who are often sensitive and innately spiritual and intuitive, are continually digging deeper into their unique self-awareness to learn more about themselves and their path in life. 

They are highly perceptive people who typically function as healers, educators, or mentors in the spiritual world.

Lightworkers are not only hippies and healers in dreadlocks and tie-dye. Not at all. They include mothers and mediums, writers and singers, producers and cleaners, teachers and chefs, directors and housekeepers, artistic directors, and kaftan artists. 

They may be found at the country club and the nightclub, in the cafeteria and the school, in the executive office and the art room. Lightworkers come in various forms and sizes; on the outside, they may seem ordinary, just like everybody else. 

Light Workers Bring Light Into the Darkness

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While the phrase ‘lightworker’ may seem to be a new age term focused only on love, illumination, and the ‘feel good,’ it is neither. Or, at the very least, it doesn’t need to be. 

One can’t exist without the other; the light and dark are inextricably linked. As a result, genuine lightworkers often concentrate on the darkness or shadow aspect of mankind.

Many lightworkers concentrate on:

  • mending trauma
  • eliminating toxic fundamental beliefs
  • mending the inner child
  • bringing the hidden shadow self to light

After all, what good is light if it can’t shine in the darkness?  Lightworkers switch up their light by following what lights them up and spreading it quickly with others around them. 

Different Types of Lightworkers and Their Roles in Society

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A lightworker is someone who makes a way to answer the call of the source (light) as opposed to the language of the ego (fear). Identifying your place in the world is a deeply personal spiritual journey. 

Follow your intuition and inner light, and you will discover the most effective way to utilize your gifts to serve others. Good light work entails working your light, and that’s what lightworkers are dedicated to. It is a way of life, rather than just an event.


Interdimensional gates exist in various capacities in the world, allowing us to connect and share with other awakened humans, allowing higher levels of light and love to descend upon us.

Gridworkers and Gatekeepers are advanced lightworkers who work these grids, including the human heart grid (connecting the hearts of all awakened humans), the crystalline grid and other higher energetic grids, and those that lay along lines on the earth connecting sacred sites.


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They are like healthcare professionals, such as nurses, hospital workers, physicians, psychologists, and therapists. They are incredibly empathetic, fueled by interaction, and committed to relieving the suffering of others.

To do more for the community, they are willing to devote a significant amount of time to enhance their skill set, such as by pursuing medical school for years.

Psychics, Seers, and Clairvoyants

By exposing their third eye, these lightworkers have the ability to communicate with those beyond the veil. They have a vision beyond the corporeal, possessing the power to provide direction, motivation, or empowerment through insights or services.


Manifestors are the sort of individuals who earn six figures from their modest enterprises even during recessionary times. Luckily, they enjoy imparting their wisdom and blessings to others.

Their purpose is to make the world a better and harmonious environment, allowing them to create enlightened collective awareness for humanity.


what does lightworker mean

They are born with the “gift of gab” and enjoy speaking at length regarding their specialized field. Teachers, authors, motivational speakers, life mentors, and even bloggers can all serve as messengers.

These exceptional people allow their light to shine bright by sharing their passion and a clear idea of how every person can coexist and help one another.


These lightworkers are people who do everything they can to drive out egoism, abuse, and other dark energy (which isn’t necessarily sinister or evil in the energy world) that presses severely on people’s spirits.

Reiki healers, hypnotherapists, therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists are all examples of transmuters. They guide individuals through the forgiving and self-compassion processes so they can overcome generational trauma.


Some may say that dreamers “must have their minds in the clouds,” however, that doesn’t concern them; they enjoy challenging the status quo and imagining what is feasible. Inventors and travelers are frequently dreamers.

These lightworkers tend to go on journeys to learn what humanity truly wants & needs and then pursue edifying initiatives, like water treatment for those living in world nations. These individuals will not rest until they have discovered a means to enhance the quality of life for others.

Ascension Guides

According to those who hold faith in the quantum world and other dimensions, ascension guides assist others “ascend” so that they can access the fifth dimension and raise their energies.

In the 5th dimension, it is said that anything is conceivable. If people can access it, they can achieve their objectives more rapidly. In the end, ascension guides motivate others to develop into more spiritual and open their “third eye” to perceive how they can assist humanity.

Signs You Could Be a Lightworker

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Do you consider yourself a lightworker? Do you believe you have a greater calling in life? You could be a lightworker, too! To be a lightworker is to be spiritually compelled to transmute evil and negative energy into good on earth.  

However, not all lightworkers know or recognize their status in others.  Here are the most prominent signs you can relate to and determine what type of lightworker are you:

  • You’ve gone through a spiritual enlightenment and a dark night of the soul.
  • You are compassionate and empathic, mindful of life’s intricacies and complexities.
  • You have a strong, intuitive connection.
  • You are a counselor at heart, and you like assisting people.
  • You’ve felt older beyond your age since early life; deep down, you’re an ancient soul.
  • You have a lot of strange synchronicity as if Fate is trying to communicate with you and assist you.
  • You have a lot of serious ideas about existence, such as “What’s the purpose of life?”
  • While others fear the darkness, you are attracted to discovering and lighting it inside yourself. You do shadow work to seek a more awakened existence.
  • Past trauma has caused significant anguish inside you, which you have attempted to confront, accept, and heal. You’re a beleaguered healer.
  • You’re a mystic looking for methods to live a more enlightened existence.
  • You do not deny, conceal, or suppress your pain and suffering
  • You have a high degree of self-awareness, which may be painful at times!
  • You deeply feel that existence is a spiritual discovery, growth, and transformation journey.
  • Because you are energy-sensitive, it is easy for you to feel anxious and overwhelmed in everyday life.
  • You flourish in nature and are attracted to an eco-conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • You’ve had short periods of ego death that completely flipped your life inside out.
  • Living a genuine life is your top goal; you value traveling your own distinct path.
  • You are prone to episodes of depression.
  • Others often utilize you as a ‘dumping ground’ for their innermost feelings and issues and you fail to create personal limits!
  • You have a strong desire for a reunion with your Soul. In truth, your life is one long soul-searching trip!
  • You have an imaginative nature and believe you are meant to make a great difference on this earth.
  • You care deeply about the world and feel that Unity and Wholeness are every person’s destiny.

What Type of Lightworker Are You? Would You Describe Yourself as One?

Lightworkers switch on their light by pursuing what lights them up and spreading it easily with others around them.  They are tuned in to their soul’s whispers and act on them no matter what they fear. They don’t need to persuade anybody; they simply need to be the light

While some lightworkers are now incarnating with a conscious goal to be of service, countless souls awakening to the call to be of service.

A lightworker is anyone who chooses to devote their life and strives to be a beacon of light in the world. There are no snobbish spiritual examinations or chores to complete. The sole need is a desire to connect with your true light and a commitment to help the world.

  • Working your light is what it is called. 
  • You are working your light by doing what your passion is. 
  • You are working your light when you choose a higher idea while in an unpleasant state. 
  • You are shining your light by encouraging someone instead of criticizing them. 
  • You are working your light by offering your unique abilities. 
  • You are working your light by connecting to infinite love in the Universe. 
  • You are working your light by being honest with yourself. 
  • You are shining your light by being friendly and empathetic.

A lightworker is someone who wholeheartedly makes the decision to make the entire world a better place by just participating in it.

The more conscious we get, the higher our vibration, and the closer we get to the Divine. The more aware we become, the more we realize that everything is interconnected and that we belong to a broader whole.

Numerous lightworkers may find that when they raise their consciousness, they become more attuned to the feelings, energies, and thoughts of others around them.

You could find it hard to watch news programs or movies that are graphically violent. You may also notice that previous relationships based on deceit, manipulation, and fear begin to fade as you are no longer an energetic match for them. 

We have been living in a mainly unconscious condition for some time now. The world needs a worldwide awakening to survive. The process of awakening has started.

How Do Lightworkers Help the World and Accomplish Their Mission?

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The purpose of lightworkers is to promote love and kindness. Love removes bad energy on Earth. Thus, lightworkers help transmit love continuously. In everything, a lightworker must offer love to eradicate bad energy. Loving thieves, murderers, rapists, and terrorists is also part of this. 

Lightworkers may be misinterpreted by those unaware of their earthly purpose. Thus, loving these social outcasts may seem to condone evil and criminality. However, this is one reason lightworkers dwell here. They discourage hatred of immoral people because it breeds negativity. 

Lightworkers must be objective even when rejected by individuals who misinterpret their objectives. They may never attempt to divert energy by addressing anxieties. Instead, they should empathize with loved ones. As a lightworker, you must sacrifice personal benefit for the greater good. 

The spiritual revelation of lightworkerhood occurs inside. Lightworkers constantly want to accomplish good actions. However, others are lightworkers without realizing it. Such lightworkers are called “sleepers” and appear amid a crisis. They also volunteer to aid others in need. 

Lightworkers may be present in children, but not known. Children like this want to work in nursing, healing, or teaching. They want to make the globe more friendly. You may be a lightworker if your inner voice constantly urges you to do what’s right or love others.  

Final Thoughts 

Recognizing these signs you’re a lightworker is the first step toward embracing your spiritual calling. From heightened empathy and intuitive abilities to feeling guided by a higher power, these signs indicate your unique purpose in serving others and spreading positive energy.

By acknowledging your higher purpose, nurturing your spiritual abilities, connecting with other lightworkers, and using your spiritual gifts to serve others, you can fully embrace your role as a lightworker and make a difference in the world.


What’s the definition of a lightworker?

A lightworker is a term used to describe someone who has had a spiritual awakening and feels inspired to enlighten the dark spots in life. They are motivated and inspired to conduct work that benefits the world, enhances people’s lives, and raises people to a greater level of awareness. A lightworker is somebody who renders a conscious decision to make the world a brighter place by just being present in it.

 Are lightworkers often empaths?

Lightworkers are often empaths, old souls, and compassionate individuals who have a deep connection to the inner callings of their souls.

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