Spiritual Awakening: Are You Going Through One?

What is spiritual awakening? What exactly does it take to become aware and awake? What are the hallmarks of spiritual awareness or enlightenment? Is it possible to know if you’re going through one?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably well on to something. The beginning of your initiation into the spiritual path is marked by spiritual awakenings.


Spiritual awakening can also be identified as a journey of self-discovery and a chance to acquire knowledge of the universe’s spiritual truths.

Things or experiences may seem different, but is this simply your perception? Is there a more significant shift taking on in the world surrounding us?

Spiritual awakening does not happen overnight. It’s merely a word that helps designate the beginning of your spiritual journey. We actually “wake up” to life when we have a spiritual awakening.

The process is complicated, multifaceted, and unique to each individual. In actuality, it cannot be classified neatly. As a result, it is conceivable that you may experience nothing, one or all of them. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the signs you may be going through a spiritual awakening and other factors about this process.

To What Does The Term “Spiritual Awakening” Refer?

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Many different faiths and civilizations throughout the world have a common belief in the importance of having a “spiritual awakening.” Some name it “nirvana,” “enlightenment,” or “happiness.”

It might immediately induce emotions of apprehension or uncertainty, as well as wonder and excitement.

A spiritual awakening occurs when a person can take a step back and “awaken” to their existence with a new sensation of purpose in the world. And a hard pill to swallow, not everyone has the chance to wake up in this lifetime as it appears to be reserved for the chosen few. 

Some people experience a spiritual awakening through an ‘A-Ha’ moment, but in most cases, these awakenings put people through extremely painful situations, aimed at breaking their egos and shedding their old selves.

They frequently prompt us to ponder queries such as “Who am I, and for what reason am I here?”, “What comes after death?”, “Why do goodhearted people have to suffer?”

However, we can also feel awe and exhilaration when we experience an abrupt surge of vitality. The concept of the spiritual awakening was popularized in the Western world by the renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung, who defined the journey as coming back to the original Self.

However, the experience of attaining a higher state of consciousness remains a fundamental aspect of what it means to be human.

17 Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symptoms You Might Going Through

There are many spiritual awakening signs and numerous individuals who have gone through spiritual awakenings encounter a diverse range of indications and manifestations.

Indeed, the symptoms associated with spiritual awakening include not only emotional manifestations but also extended psychological and even physical symptoms. 

However, the absence of an accurate description is one of the issues with the idea of a spiritual awakening. What is a spiritual awakening specifically, and how can you know if you’re experiencing one?

The following are the common signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening often seen and you might be experiencing. You may determine how many of these characteristics you can relate to:

1. You Get a Sense of Being Detached or Disconnected

It’s normal for the process of spiritual awakening to leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. 

It might seem as if everything you believed you knew about your life was actually a lie, and as a result, you might feel detached and disconnected from what and who you used to like.

2. You’ve Examined Your Convictions

The process of spiritual awakening would certainly compel you to modify or accept major new spiritual beliefs or embrace significant new ones.

Your aspirations have probably changed, whether it’s because you’ve fully embraced a new religion or belief structure or because you quit your job to pursue your passion and real self.

3. Your Relationships Start Shifting

Why Spiritual Awakening Breaks Your Relationships?

There’s no denying the life-altering effects of spiritual awakenings, but it’s possible that the people closest to you won’t always recognize or appreciate this. Because you are evolving, your loved ones may not understand you.

It’s essential to urge your loved ones to appreciate what you’re experiencing, telling them they aren’t obliged to concur with your awakening.

4. Having Vivid Dreams

This spiritual awakening symptom may make your waking life more vivid. However, it can also make your dreams more vivid. You may also get insight into the meaning of your dreams and how they connect to your spiritual development.

5. You Are Yearning to Discover Who You Are

Countless questions regarding your identity and existence occur, such as “Who really am I?” “Why am I born in this world?” “What’s the meaning of life?” “What am I supposed to do here?” “What is the essence of my existence?”

As a consequence, you start reading a lot of self-help materials and spiritual texts. It’s no surprise you landed yourself here.

6. Experiencing Synchronicity

You’re on the right path if you routinely experience mind-boggling synchronicities, such as thinking about someone and then suddenly bumping into them the following day or seeing angel numbers regularly.

7. Spirituality Has Become Essential in Your Life

Resisting the influence of one’s spiritual side may provide a challenge throughout this undertaking.

One of the primary considerations for individuals is often the quest for meaning and fulfillment within their beliefs.

8. You Have Enhanced Intuition

Another symptom is the appearance of freshly enhanced intuition or newfound intuitive abilities. They were constantly there, buried behind the various levels of your ego, and you feel significantly more in touch with yourself now that you’ve woken.

9. You Can Recognize Manipulation and Lie

In addition to this heightened intuition, you are also able to recognize dishonest or deceptive behavior.  Things that lack integrity are challenging to be around.

10. Mindfulness in Each Action

The development of attention in daily behaviors is a frequent hallmark of spiritual awakening.

This might include heightened awareness of one’s bodily, mental, and emotional emotions and observing subtleties in the environment that you may not have noticed previously.

Having a more profound level of awareness keeps us living in the present moment and allows us to be more conscious of our responses and reactions to everything around us.

We may learn to notice our thoughts and emotions without judgment and be more tolerant of ourselves and others.

11. You’re Feeling Isolated

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Spiritual awakenings are not straightforward, and although the hope for enlightenment on the other side is possible, it may be terribly lonely. Completely rearranging your life might leave you feeling alone, especially if your friends and family aren’t on the same page.

12. You Feel More at One With Nature

While you may feel like you’re less connected to the people around you at first, you will feel more connected to nature. You will feel linked to everything, from plants to animals to the whole world; you’ll feel your interconnectedness to everything, and it may be exceptionally emotionally moving.

13. You Understand That Everyone Has Their Own Journey to Take

As you discover your own spiritual journey, you become more receptive to the notion that everyone has different spiritual paths and is on their unique road.

Things such as winning arguments and convincing others are no longer as significant.

14. You Have A Strong Desire To Serve or Help Others

As you understand that all living things are worthwhile and equal, you’ll feel a sense of service to others, whether humans, animals, or the environment. 

You value having something you can rally around to give your life meaning. It may not be necessary to change your existing positions or employment but to approach what you are now doing with a more incredible feeling of service.

15. You Have Enhanced Empathy

When you begin to feel more attached to the world around you, you will develop increased empathy for the pain and suffering of others. The ubiquity of suffering may seem difficult to ignore, so you feel more compelled to help.

16. You Desire To Find Inner Peace

The quest to find inner peace and tranquility is an aim shared by all spiritual systems. This endeavor includes learning and implementing spiritual practices into your everyday life, such as prayer, meditation, reflection, and giving back to others. 

17. A Sudden Change in Your Routine and Habits

It’s inevitable that as your spiritual life evolves, so will the habits and routines that make up your day-to-day existence. You may have changed your routine to include more time in nature or meditation, or you may have stopped doing things that were before helpful but are now counterproductive.

What Triggers Spiritual Awakening To Occur?

You could be wondering what causes a spiritual awakening. The truth is that a variety of factors may initiate this process! There is not a single answer. Spiritual awakenings may occur at any time or place in your life. They may occur spontaneously.

However, they could also be triggered by major life changes, ailments, catastrophes, and traumas such as life-threatening illnesses, vehicle accidents, separations and divorces, conflict, midlife crises, mental health crises, and much more.

Awakening may also occur as a result of your disposition. For example, you may be naturally introspective or emotionally empath predisposed to looking behind the superficial aspects of life.

The Stages of Going through a Spiritual Awakening Process

When Does Spiritual Awakening Happen?

The spiritual awakening journey is complicated, multi-layered, and unique to each individual. In actuality, it cannot be classified neatly.

It is helpful to have a form of “map” to find where you are right now. These are typical stages. They characterize the general pattern of the act of spiritual awakening:

1. The Spiritual Awakening

This is the start of your spiritual journey as you rethink all you ever understood. You let go of old habits, relationships, and beliefs and make room for new, richer ones. You may feel that something is missing but can’t pinpoint it. In this stage, you may feel disoriented, bewildered, and depressed.

2. Changing Perspective: Dark Night Of The Soul

This is the most likely cause phase to succeed. You start to mistrust yourself and see things differently. You haven’t completely changed your personality yet. However, you are going. Many people go through this time. Reaching this step doesn’t ensure a successful cruise.

For some, this transition is the bottom. Some cultures call this “the dark night of the soul.” Because the spark caused instability, you’re having an existential crisis. You’ll likely be exhausted and depressed. If you persist, spiritual enlightenment will progress.

3. Rethinking Spirituality: The Sponge

After your dark night of the soul, you may start your “awake” existence. The third step is about trying things on and investigating. You try various activities, beliefs, relationships, true nature, etc., to find what fits your soul.

4. Self-Evolution

At this point, you’ll have tens of thousands of basic questions flying through your brain and realize you need answers. You strive to figure out why you’re here and how to enrich your life.

But you will also understand your circumstances and see the world differently. As you connect with yourself, your genuine essence will emerge. Accepting spirituality entails surrendering the past. Being spiritually enlightened means you can’t be yourself.

You may feel that you’re eliminating an old self and becoming clearer, more objective, and more knowledgeable. Material goods no longer rule the planet. Since sincerity matters, it’s more spiritual and emotional. You ponder ways to help and serve others. Giving and receiving become routine.

Giving may also boost authority. Giving is still frequently driven by ego. Because you feel better or want something in return. Others call this the ‘Satoru self’ stage. It comes from Japanese Buddhism.

5. Soul Workshops

Have you attained enlightenment? Not exactly. This stage takes time. The framework in your life that nurtures your genuine soul is being built.

Trial and error and several techniques may be needed. This might take years or decades, but your soul develops and mends as you find your routines and rituals.

6. Surrender

Surrendering, the second-to-last phase in waking involves relinquishing any structures, beliefs, or ego parts blocking your reality.

By now, you know your spirit and have a lifestyle that works for you, yet individuals or habits may still hold you back. You will release them here to step into your power truly.

7. Awareness of Your Complete Spiritual Awakening

In this stage, you’ll merge spiritually and physically. Reconnecting with your soul lets you live your real life. This level involves transcending ego awareness and merging with divine consciousness to feel harmony with all things.

Align with your best self and gain insight. You’ll recognize that everyone is related and has a purpose instead of focusing on differences.

You will know the Universe is alive, and you are vital to it. Your spiritual progress will be complete when you get that insight. This is the end of your spiritual development journey, yet life will continue—quite the reverse. Your life starts then.

Problems and hurdles will remain. You won’t let them get you down since you’ll focus on your objective.

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Final Thoughts

The spiritual awakening process may take numerous shapes; each person’s experience is unique. While it may be a demanding and challenging journey, it can also be a fantastic chance to strengthen one’s spiritual practice, acquire insight into one’s real nature, and true self, and open yourself up to a more rewarding and connected existence. 

Awareness of the signs of spiritual awakening can help open room for self-exploration and development. Finally, it is a voyage of self-discovery and can be a genuinely enlightening experience on the right path.


Is it beneficial to be spiritually awakened?

A spiritual awakening may bring you sensations of enhanced pleasure, knowledge, grace, and comfort. You may feel you have a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships with others, or the cosmos as a whole.

What results from spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening may provide comfort, fulfillment, bliss, grace, and knowledge. It may help you better understand yourself and other aspects of your life. Compassion or different positive outcomes might result from increased awareness.

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